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NAME: Noun

Definition: The definition of the name is actually a word or phrase that labeling an individual, place or thing.

Meaning of Name in Hindi:

“नाम, कीर्ति”

A name is really a word or phrase applied for identity. Names can determine a character or category of things, or perhaps a single thing, possibly distinctively, or within a given context. An individual name identifies a particular unique and identifiable individual person, and may or may not contain a middle name. The name of a certain organization is often called a appropriate title (even though that term has a philosophical meaning also) and it is a correct noun. Other nouns are often, much more generally, known as names; an older term for them, now obsolete, is “general names”.
Caution should be exercised when translating, because there are methods one language might choose one kind of name over another. A feudal naming routine is actually used occasionally in other languages: the French sometimes refer to Aristotle as “le Stagirite” from one spelling of his location of birth, and English speakers usually recommend to Shakespeare as “The Bard”, knowing him as a paragon writer of the language. Finally, states to preference or specialist can be refuted: the British didn’t refer to Louis-Napoleon as Napoleon III during his rule.

The word “name” arrives from Old English nama; akin to Old High German (OHG) and Sanskrit  (naman), Latin nomen, and Greek (onoma), possibly from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE).

Example sentences of name:

1. His nick name is very funny.

2. Sachin Tendulkar has made a name for himself in the cricket world.

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