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Sometime you may face a condition when you have to talk to someone to whom you don’t know or never ever met in life, But situation arise such, that you are bind or forced to talk to such person. In this chapter I am trying to create a conversation with such person, and will include what ever is coming to my mind while talking to such person. This is a scene where I am going in a train and I don’t know when a particular station will come and how long will it be from current point of location. जब आप किसी अनजान व्यक्ति से मिलते हे तो आप किस प्रकार से बातेँ कर सकते  हे इसी की चर्चा की हे इस चैप्टर में , एक आदमी दूसरे व्यक्ति में मिलता  हे जो कि उदयपुर जा रहा हे लेकिन पहले आदमी को  उदयपुर के बारे मेँ भी कुछ मालूम नहीँ और किस प्रकार ये दोनों आपसे बात करते इसका पूरा विवरण हमने इस चैप्टर में किया है, इंग्लिश में शायद आपको पसंद आये, और इसी प्रकार की बातचीत आप भी इंग्लिश में कर सकते है ट्रैन में जाते हुए।

Me Answered unkown person
Hello, excuse me yes please , what can I do for you, or sure no problem
If you don’t mind can I ask a question please yes , please, sure why not
Thanks, actually I am going to udaypur in rajasthan Oh, great I am also going that side
How much time will this train will take to reach udaypur Well, if this train keeps going at this speed then it will take around 2hr 45 min approx.
Ok, actually I am going very first time there in rajasthan and don’t know anything about this place udaypur ok, actually I myself residing in udaypur, if need my help let me know
That’s great of you, well I just want to know about some good place to stay in for 4-5 days. .
I mean any good guest house, and with reasonable cost ok, Yes there are many guest house you will see there near bus stand
But among them I think GKS House is better and have very low price as well
They provide all facilities like room service, hot, cold warter supply 24hrs.
and yes have good responsive staff as well
Ok, I also looking the same. You must have some experiece of them, .
probably that’s why you have so much knowledge about their service 🙂 Yes I stayed there when I came here for the first time.
So you belong to some other place yes, I belong to Uttar pradesh by birth.
Oh, really I too from lukhnow OMG don’t tell me I was also from luckhnow, usman pur
Ok, me putting off in rayneer coloney ok, its good to hear that
So, Why don’t you stay with me as now are close friends don’t you think so
Yes, are right, But I really don’t want to distrub you I am ok with guest house. Oh come on, We are from lukhnow, know for its hospitality
Yes, I am really grateful to you for this offer, But I am really ok with guest house stay.. OK,, as you wish..
Hey look we are just reaching the station
Oh, is this udaypur station yes it is.
Cool, Then Thanks for the information you give me, this would be of grate help for me.. oh, Not a problem..Ok take a note of my phone number if you need me again, just ring me on this number any time
and don’t hasitate at all.
Ok, Sure thanks ……here this story ends friends..

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