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Before you actually start learning more about sentences it is good to understand how many kind of sentences are there in English grammar though these are not required while we speak(as many people think) But I must say that its knowledge is very much essential if you really wants to learn English correctly.

There are four kinds of sentences are there which are based on the acts or actions they perform or are asked to perform, after learning about them we can easily can assume the mood of a speaker very easily. so lets start

Below is the list of found kind of sentences

  • Declarative Sentences
  • Interrogative
  • Imperative
  • Exclamatory

1. Lets see What are Declarative Sentences?

Some time when a sentence seems as if it is declaring or stating something for example

The Sun rises in the east.

The boys make a noise

This train runs fast

Such sentences that state or declare something are called Declarative Sentences.


2. Interrogative Sentences

When a question being asked in a Sentence it is called Interrogative for example

This is damaged but Why you are not picking it up and clean things from the table?

Can you please tell  me, why are you not going to the party today?

Here in two Example you can easily see that a question is being asked and Interrogative senteces are always ended with a question mark “?”

3. What are Imperative Sentences

Some time you may have seen that somebody is speaking and you may feel that he is either giving an order or making a request, such sentences are known as Imperative sentences, let’s take few examples of Imperative sentences.

Bali, shut the door quickly its heavy wind outside.  (Here the speaker is looks like he is ordering to close the door)

Make the book more informative

Please give me a glass of water I am feeling thirsty (Here the speaker is requesting a glass of water)

So with above example we can see that a sentence expresses a command, a request or a desire is called an imperative sentences.

4. Now lets’ understand what are Exclamatory Sentences

When a sentence express some strong or a sudden feeling like

How beautiful this rose is!

What a pleasant weather it is!

Oh! What have you done?

These above examples of Exclamatory sentences giving a sudden and strong feeling, such expressions can be good as well as bad and such sentences are always ended with exclamatory mark “!”


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