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again we are extending hours series of a daily conversations. that you can read and learn here on this website we are trying to include, all those very simple sentences that you can use in your daily life, and improve your conversations. actually if you believe or not return and spoken English is quite different and from my point of experience I found that spoken English is a bit easier than written English we are including very simple sentences of everyday use that you can learn here with their Hindi meaning.

Daily Simple Sentence 6

Q 1 don’t forget it

► इसे मत

Q 2 come here

► भूलो इधर आओ

Q 3 work properly

► ठीक ढंग से चलो

Q 4 look there

► उधर देखो

Q 5 take this from me

► इसे मुझसे ले लो

Q 6 give it to me

► इसे मुझे दे दो

Q 7 please wait outside the gate

► कृपया गेट के बाहर प्रतीक्षा करेँ

Q 8 now lie down

► अब लेट जाओ

Q 9 please go down

► कृपया नीचे जाओ

Q 10 come up

► ऊपर आ जाओ

Q 11 eat slowly

► आहिस्ता खाओ

Q 12 be careful in the future

► भविष्य मेँ होशियार रहना

Q 13 talk carefully

► ध्यानपूर्वक बातेँ करो

Q 14 walk slowly

► आहिस्ता चलो

Q 15 leave the place

► यहाँ से चले जाइए

Q 16 no talking please

► कृपया बातेँ मत कीजिए

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