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Here in this chapter we will learn about Present Perfect Continuous Tense in Hindi, This tense shows that something was started in the past and has ;continued up until present (Now) For example “For 10 minutes, For 5 hours, for 3 weeks and when we talk about accurately known time like since Monday, since 2nd June 2013 etc. Such sentences showing work is being under process until now with the help of some time can be used as present perfect continuous. In this chapter we will learn about translating Hindi sentences into English, understand how you can translate them correctly, How you can identify that a sentence is of Present perfect Continuous or not etc. and yes we will also show you what are signs of this tense. so you can easily understand which Hindi sentence belongs to this.

Introductions of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Sentences showing as if something has started in past and still going on are sings of present perfect Continuous tense. In this tense work assumed or was started in a fixed time and which is still going on.

Present Continues
न वाक्यो में
१. किसी कार्य या घटनाऔ के होने का पता चलता है जो वक्ता के बोलने के समय हो
रही होती है
वे हमे किताब पढ़ा रहे है |
२. वे कार्य जो भले ही उस समय न हो रही हो पर , लेकिन उन दिनों हो रही हो या
चल रही हो
teacher देरी से आ रहे हे |
वाक्य के अंत में
इन वाक्यो में किसी कार्य का present  में जारी रहना पाया जाता है वाक्य के अंत
रहा हे , रही हे, रहे है, रहा हु , हुएं है, हुई है etc
उदाहरण :-
सूर्य पूर्व में निकलता है
श्याम सड़क पर घूम रहा है
Affirmative Sentences
Negative Sentences
Interogative sentences
Interogative Negative sentences
Affirmative Sentences :-
Very Important
इन वाक्यो में किसी कार्य का present 
में जारी रहना पाया जाता है वाक्य के अंत में

Helping Verbs क्या किस के साथ

Is – He, She , It, or any name, This, That
Am – I
Are – You, We , They, Those, These

1 – Rules of Creating Affirmative Sentences
उदाहरण :-
वे बाग़ में घूम रहे है                       They are walking in
the garden.
कुत्ता सड़क पर बेठा है                 
The dog is sitting on the raod.
2- Rules of Creating Negative Sentences
Sub + is/am/are + Not+verb + Object
उदाहरण :- Negative Sentences
मैं पतंग नहीं उड़ा रहा हू                       I am not flying a
तुम खाना नहीं खा रहे हो                     
You are not eating.
सीता गाना नहीं गा रही है                      Sita is not singing a
उसने कहना नहीं खाया                        
He did not eaten
सीता ने गाना नहीं गाया                        Sita did not sing
3- Interogative Sentences Type 1
जिन वाकयो में question word बिलकुल शरू में
उदाहरण :- Interogative Sentences Type 1
क्या वे स्कूल जा रहे है 
Is/am/are+ Sub + verb + Object 
More Examples :- Interogative Sentences Type 1
क्या वह कमरा साफ नहीं कर रहा हे                        Is he not cleaning
the room.
4- Interogative Sentences Type 2
वाकयो में question word बिच में हो  तो
, इन वाक्यों को बनाने के लिये सबसे पहेले question word की english लगाते हे
Is/am/are + Sub + Not + verb + Object 
More Example :- Interogative Sentences Type 2
तुम खाना क्यों नहीं खा रहे हों                                 Why are you
not eating food.

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