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Daily User Conversation 800 Sentences with Hindi Meaning

Daily use English sentences in hindi with their meaning examples

Many times you may have find it difficult to speak something in English But you know the Hindi. about 20% of us face this in our daily life where we stuck to find the correct sentence that suits and that explain exactly what you wants. Therefore we here are include those Hindi sentences that many of us find difficult to speak in English.

Therefore in this part of this website you will find what you will say in english from hindi. You will find english of hindi words.

1. चलो स्कूल चले  ►chalo school chale► Let’s go to School

2. क्या तुम तैयार हो  ►kya tum tyaar ho► Are you ready? Or you also can say only Ready?

3. अपने आप को सम्भालो  ►kya tum tyaar ho► Brace your self or you also can say behave your self, control your self, or just control.

3. चलो अब चले ►chalo ab chale► Let’s go

4. तुम कल कहाँ गए थे ►kal tum kaha gaye the ► Where were you yesterday

5. मैंने तुमसे कुछ कहा था ►main tumse kuch kaha tha► I told you something

6. आपकी समझ में क्यों नहीं आता ►aapki ki samajh me kyo nahi aata► why You don’t understand

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