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conversation in English has become so much of importance these days where ever you want to go you will find that 80 % of people used to talk in English so it is really really very important to have a good knowledge of daily conversations that you can use in your daily life blue is the list of some very important Simple sentences that you can use in your daily life all the sentences have their Hindi meanings also so that you can easily understand what you need to say when you want to speak someone when you meet in school or in market.

Daily Simple Sentence 5

Q 1 don’t forget it

► इसे मत

Q 2 come here

► भूलो इधर आओ

Q 3 work properly

► ठीक ढंग से चलो

Q 4 look there

► उधर देखो

Q 5 take this from me

► इसे मुझसे ले लो

Q 6 give it to me

► इसे मुझे दे दो

Q 7 please wait outside the gate

► कृपया गेट के बाहर प्रतीक्षा करेँ

Q 8 now lie down

► अब लेट जाओ

Q 9 please go down

► कृपया नीचे जाओ

Q 10 come up

► ऊपर आ जाओ

Q 11 eat slowly

► आहिस्ता खाओ

Q 12 be careful in the future

► भविष्य मेँ होशियार रहना

Q 13 talk carefully

► ध्यानपूर्वक बातेँ करो

Q 14 walk slowly

► आहिस्ता चलो

Q 15 leave the place

► यहाँ से चले जाइए

Q 16 no talking please

► कृपया बातेँ मत कीजिए

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