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In this post we are going to show you, how you can start talking in english over telephone. We are taking example of two person one is who makes a call and other person who receive. We also have given Name “Mr Kumar” The person who makes the Call and “Mr Suresh who received.

So let’s begin the conversion assume you are the person who dial some number.

English Conversation Between two person talking on Phone
Kumar:-   Hello, Is this 2548445445
Mr. Suresh:-   Yes, Who is speaking?
Kumar:-   Sir, This is Kumar. Can I please speak to suraj?
Mr. Suresh:-   Oh, Kumar Yes please wait a min I just call him, he is in his room
Kumar:-   Ok, sir No problem I am on hold
Suraj came :-
:-   Hello, Kumar this is suraj How are you?
Kumar:-   Hi, Suraj I am fine thanks.
suraj:-   What’s up where you have been these days?
Kumar:-   Yes, Actually I had to go for a outstation meeting with some client. Just back yesterday morning
suraj:-   Oh. How’s everyone there
Kumar:-   Yes everything is fine, Thanks
suraj:-   So, How did you call me today?
Kumar:-   Suraj, actually I need a favor from you?
suraj:-   yes, Why not let me know the matter?
Kumar:-   I wants to meet you regarding our new upcoming project and I need your help, because you already done similar project in past.
suraj:-   yes, Sure I am free today, you can come anytime after 12.30, we shall have lunch together.
Kumar:-   Oh. Sure I will be there at your home at sharp 1.30pm today.
suraj:-   Ok, then I will be waiting for you.
Kumar:-   Yes, I will surely be coming anyways thank
suraj:-   See you then, bye take care.

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