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Difference use of AMIABLE VS AMICABLE with Hindi meaning & Sentences – English Most confusing Words 7

Meaning of AMIABLE in Hindi are ►
1. सौम्य
2. सुशील
3. प्रेमपात्र
4. सब का प्यारा
5. प्रिय
6. मनभावना
7. शीलवन्त
Example Sentences have AMIABLE
1. A most amiable and kindly man, he was held in very high esteem and was a noted character in the area.
2. She was a very good looking woman, with an amiable and warm personality, but I didn’t know her personally.
3. He’s an amiable if laconic sort, seemingly uninterested in talking about himself.
4. For a few pages everything moves along amiably enough.
Meaning of AMICABLE in Hindi are ►
1. सौहार्दपूर्ण
2. मित्रतापूर्ण
3. दोस्ताना
4. स्नेहशील
5. परस्पर-संगत
6. मैत्रीपूर्ण
7. शांतिशील
Example Sentences have AMICABLE
2. The event was a particularly amicable one and the result for Europeans, especially the Scots, could not have been better.
3. ‘I believe it would be a profound mistake to cast off the experience of the past or to allow our current amicability to relieve us of the need to consider less sunny possibilities,’ he said.
4. The conversation was amicable , as befitted a meeting between two old friends.

English· Idioms And Phrases With Meanings In Hindi Part 2

Idioms or Phrase Meaning in Hindi
Black Sheep अवांछनीय व्यक्ति
Bone Of Contention झगड़े की जड़
Bread And Butter शीघ्र ही
By And By जैसे तैसे
By All Means नियमित रूप से
Bad Blood शत्रुता
By Hook Or By Crook किसी भी प्रकार से
By Leaps And Bounds तेजी से
Burning Questions अत्यावश्यक विषय
Build Castles In The Air हवाई बात करना
Call A Spade A Spade साफ साफ कहना
Carry The विजय असफल होना
Castles In The Air हवाई किले
Child’S Play आसान कार्य
Chicken Hearted कायर
Cock And Bull Story मनघड़ंत
Corporal Punishment शारीरिक दंड
Crocodile Tears झूठे आंसू
Cut The Gardian Knot कठिन समस्या का हल करना
Dead Lock एक ऐसी समस्या जिसका हाल ना हो
Die In Harness कर्तव्य पालन करते हुए मरना
Double Dealing दोहरी नीति
Drawn Battle Or Game दोनों पक्ष के समान
Drop In The Ocean समुंद्र में बूंद के समान
En Route रास्ते पर
End In Smoke हवा में उड़ जाना
Enough And To Spare काफी
Every Inch पूर्ण रुप से
Ever And Anon कभी-कभी

What is meaning of “Do you mean it?” in Hindi

Meaning of Do you mean it? is very clear if we say the same in hindi this would read as आप का यह मतलब है?
But this is not very much the emotion behind the sentence..But if you take this sentence as
क्या तुम सच कह रहे हो

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