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Meaning of CHECK in Hindi are ►
1. चेक
2. शह
3. निरोध
4. रोक
5. बाधा
6. स्र्कावट
7. अवरोध
8. आड़
9. जांचना
10. जाँचना
11. रोकना
12. स्र्कावट डालना
Example Sentences have CHECK
1. In this way the operator can check field conditions before irrigation.
2. You can pay by card, cheque or voucher and this can be done over the phone also.
3. Currently no formal driving test or health check is needed before a person can get behind the wheel of a motorised scooter.
Meaning of CHEQUE in Hindi are ►
चेक बैंक का
Example Sentences have CHEQUE
You can send money to him by cheque.
Meaning of COLONEL in Hindi are ►
Example Sentences have COLONEL
1. Dobbin, however, is obliged to wait until a vacant colonelcy comes up.
2. Captain John C. Putnam, a clerk before the war, allegedly lobbied Governor Andrew for the colonelcy of the regiment.
Meaning of KERNEL in Hindi are ►
1. गिरी
2. दाना
3. मूल
4. आधार
5. मींगी
6. गुठली
7. सार
8. गुद्दा
9. तत्त्व
Example Sentences have KERNEL
1. The story also is an example of how kernels of truth are often contained in jokes or humorous anecdotes.
2. Nutritionally, oats are similar to whole wheat, the main difference being that the oat kernel has not been taken apart, and the wheat kernel has.
Meaning of COARSE in Hindi are ►
1. मोटा
2. अपरिष्कृत
3. खुरदरा
4. अशिष्ट
5. भद्दा
6. खुरखुरा
7. बेअदब
8. गँवार
9. रुक्ष
10. अश्लील
11. असभ्य
Example Sentences have COARSE
1. Or, you could argue that our language has become downright coarse , offensive and rude.
2. It was Julian, the urchin who had once served the coarse wine in The Oranges bar.
3. The ogres, unable to see her, began to look around, still roaring and shouting in their coarse speech.
Meaning of COURSE in Hindi are ►
1. कार्यप्रणाली
2. जलमार्ग
3. शृंखला
4. लीक
5. ढर्रा
6. क्रम
7. प्रकार
Example Sentences have COURSE
1. I’ve had students write me telling me that they used one of my courses in high school.
2. However, pursuit of such a course can only lead to dependency and loss of control.
3. Initial treatment should be medical with a course of antibiotics of at least two weeks duration.
4. Once respiratory or renal disease develops, the course is usually rapidly progressive.
Meaning of CANNON in Hindi are ►
1. तोप
2. केनन
3. कैनन
4. केनन करना
Example Sentences have CANNON
1. they would cross at the Town ford, under cover of the defending cannon
2. Troops in red coats and blue coats shot off cannons and artillery in his fields as all the people living there sat on the deck, cheering for one side or the other.
3. As the outer layers cooled, they compressed the inner layers, giving the cannon greater tensile strength.
4. Everyone in Charleston could hear the cannons firing.
Meaning of CANON in Hindi are ►
1. कैनन
2. कैनन का
3. कसौटी
Example Sentences have CANON
1. They noted that Archbishop Louis de Villars had founded a college of canons at SaintNizier as a new enterprise on his own authority.
2. No mention is made of the revision, which allowed the story to join the Simple canon , including publication in The Best of Simple.
Meaning of COMPLEMENT in Hindi are ►
1. पूरक
2. इज़ाफ़ा
3. अनुपूरण
4. इज़ाफ़ा करना
5. जोड़ना
6. पूरक जोड़ना
7. परिपूरक
8. समपूरक
9. संपूर्णता
Example Sentences have COMPLEMENT
1. I am pleased to hear that a good variety of businesses have made the decision to locate here and this will complement the already thriving business community locally.
2. Many retailers are also becoming more active in the seed business or are partnering with seed companies, so seed treatment as a whole is a great complement to and natural extension of the seed business.
3. The harmonica in this song is perfectly placed and complements the Neil Young-style guitar so well that it almost makes you sigh.
Meaning of COMPLIMENT in Hindi are ►
1. प्रशंसा
2. अभिनंदन
3. समादर
4. अभिवादन
5. स्तुतिवाद
6. नमस्कार
7. नमसते
8. प्रशंसा करना
9. अभिनंदन करना
10. समादर करना
11. आदर
12. आदर करना
13. शुभकामनाएं
Example Sentences have COMPLIMENT
1. You can also compliment your loved one on how smart he or she is.
2. This was meant to be a compliment to him, and to wish him well in his retirement.
3. I have heard tourists compliment it and couldn’t help but feel proud.
Meaning of BEER in Hindi are ►
1. बियर
2. बीयर
3. बीर
4. यवसुरा
5. जौ की शराब
6. जौ की मदिरा
Example Sentences have BEER
1. And as he said, working in China isn’t all beer and skittles .
2. For the elderly, the late life period is not one of beer and skittles , but rather one of transition and adjustment to loss.
3. Mark and John had just sat down with the beers when Chick and Brian caught up.
Meaning of BIER in Hindi are ►
1. टिकठी
2. अरथी
3. ताबूत
4. शववाहिनी
5. अस्थी
6. शवयान
7. शववाहिक
Example Sentences have BIER
1. He took one final, loving look at his father’s serene face and bowed in most profound respect to the body on the bier .
2. After the funeral ceremony, the body is carried on an iron bier on foot to the tower, by an even number of corpse bearers.
3. His disciples and many animals gathered around the bier to mourn his passing.
Meaning of BERRY in Hindi are ►
1. बेर
2. झरबेरी
3. दाना
4. पिपली
5. कोई छोटा फल
6. छोटा फाल
7. फलना
Example Sentences have BERRY
1. As we meandered through the mountains north of San Jose, we passed through endless coffee plantations, the rows of dark plants heavy with berries .
2. A varied composition provides continuity of food supply for birds and small mammals, with seeds, fruits and berries ripening at different times.
3. Sweet sabayon is often used to accompany fresh berries or stone fruit.
Meaning of BURY in Hindi are ►
1. दफनाना
2. दफन करना
3. बरी
Example Sentences have BURY
1. The bur oak acorn cup has a burry fringe and is a major identifier along with the leaf’s large middle sinus that gives it a “pinched waist” look.
2. The burry clothes are still in the kitchen from last week.
Meaning of BLUE in Hindi are ►
1. ब्लू
2. नीला
3. नीले रंग का
4. आकाश नील
5. नीला रंग
6. नीलवर्ण
7. उदासी होना
Example Sentences have BLUE
1. Andrew, wearing all blue , created by metallic clothing, walks into a small office.
2. It is even available in bright colours like blue , green, yellow and orange.
3. Victims suffered from acute cyanosis, a blue discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes.
4. Yes, all the metal is well polished and deeply blued .
Meaning of BLEW in Hindi are ►
1. उड़ाना
2. झोंकना
3. फूंक मारना
4. बहना
5. बहाना
6. बजाना
7. खिलना
8. झटका देना
Example Sentences have BLEW
Some important papers blew away into the wind.
Meaning of BRAKE in Hindi are ►
1. ब्रेक
2. ब्रेक लगाना
3. रोक
4. रोधक
Example Sentences have BRAKE
1. drivers who brake abruptly
2. Part way through the landing roll, the pilot will apply pressure to the brakes and that will kick off the autobrakes.
3. The farmer passed handfuls of flax through a tool called a flax brake to break up the hard inner core.
4. They also feature a brake pedal that moves towards the floor of the vehicle when a crash is detected to avoid possibility of leg injury to the driver.
Meaning of BREAK in Hindi are ►
1. विराम
2. तोड़ना
3. नष्ट करना
4. भंग करना
5. चूरचूर करना
6. चूर डालना
7. सेंध लगाना
8. टूट जाना
9. अंतराल
10. दरार
11. भंजन
12. घिसघिस
Example Sentences have BREAK
1. The filmmakers were making a break from the ironclad Soviet cinematic ideology.
2. Ties were broken by the position of the sixth runner on the respective teams.
3. Her waters broke as soon as she got into the ambulance.
Meaning of BAG in Hindi are ►
1. बैग
2. थैला
3. बोरा
4. झोला
5. बेग
6. खीसा
7. थन
8. थैले में रखना
9. शिकार मरना
10. फंसाना
11. लटकाना
12. भरना
13. डालना
Example Sentences have BAG
1. The Brothers Chaps brought their bag of tricks with them; they were sitting on stage behind their laptops, with the Homestar puppet by Matt’s side.
2. a shopping bag
3. “Twenty pounds is not a bad bag ,” he said. “But I just didn’t realize what it was going to take. I was in 51st place.”
4. The woman ushered Halle into the small 2-room apartment, and grabbed one of Halle’s black luggage bags .
Meaning of BEG in Hindi are ►
1. भीख में मांगना
2. निवेदन करना
3. मान लेना
4. भीख माँगना
5. प्रार्थना करना
Example Sentences have BEG
1. Meanwhile, farmers are begging their banks for the funds to survive.
2. They slept in the open and begged food from farmers.
3. The poor were also allowed to beg for money in these buildings.
4. They have gone to streets in town where they beg for money to survive.