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Daily Conversation

Everyday use Daily Simple Sentences with their hindi meanings part 6

again we are extending hours series of a daily conversations. that you can read and learn here on this website we are trying to include, all those very simple sentences that you can use in your daily life, and improve your conversations. actually if you believe or not return and spoken English is quite different and from my point of experience I found that spoken English is a bit easier than written English we are including very simple sentences of everyday use that you can learn here with their Hindi meaning.

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Daily Conversation Simple Sentences english with hindi meaning part 5


conversation in English has become so much of importance these days where ever you want to go you will find that 80 % of people used to talk in English so it is really really very important to have a good knowledge of daily conversations that you can use in your daily life blue is the list of some very important Simple sentences that you can use in your daily life all the sentences have their Hindi meanings also so that you can easily understand what you need to say when you want to speak someone when you meet in school or in market.

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how to talk conversate when you meet in train someone new you don’t know asking help

Sometime you may face a condition when you have to talk to someone to whom you don’t know or never ever met in life, But situation arise such, that you are bind or forced to talk to such person. In this chapter I am trying to create a conversation with such person, and will include what ever is coming to my mind while talking to such person. This is a scene where I am going in a train and I don’t know when a particular station will come and how long will it be from current point of location. जब आप किसी अनजान व्यक्ति से मिलते हे तो आप किस प्रकार से बातेँ कर सकते  हे इसी की चर्चा की हे इस चैप्टर में , एक आदमी दूसरे व्यक्ति में मिलता  हे जो कि उदयपुर जा रहा हे लेकिन पहले आदमी को  उदयपुर के बारे मेँ भी कुछ मालूम नहीँ और किस प्रकार ये दोनों आपसे बात करते इसका पूरा विवरण हमने इस चैप्टर में किया है, इंग्लिश में शायद आपको पसंद आये, और इसी प्रकार की बातचीत आप भी इंग्लिश में कर सकते है ट्रैन में जाते हुए।

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Daily use English sentences in hindi with their meaning examples

Many times you may have find it difficult to speak something in English But you know the Hindi. about 20% of us face this in our daily life where we stuck to find the correct sentence that suits and that explain exactly what you wants. Therefore we here are include those Hindi sentences that many of us find difficult to speak in English.

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Daily conversation:- When you talk on phone

In this post we are going to show you, how you can start talking in english over telephone. We are taking example of two person one is who makes a call and other person who receive. We also have given Name “Mr Kumar” The person who makes the Call and “Mr Suresh who received.

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