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English Translation in Hindi Chapter 6 Past Continuous Tense

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इन वाक्यो में कार्य का भूतकाल में जारी रहना पाया जाता है। past में किसी दिए हुए समय या किसी कार्य या घटना के जारी रहने का पता लगे।

हिंदी के इन वाक्यो के अंत मेंरहा था, रही थी, रहे थे, हुआ था, हुई थी,हुए थे, आदि होते है.
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Examples :-
1. राम अपना पाठ याद कर रहा था।
2. मैं कल कानपुर जा रहा था।

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English Translation in Hindi Chap 5 Past Indefinite Tense

इस वाक्यो से भूतकाल में किसी कार्य का होना या न होना पाया जाता है

हिंदी के इन वाक्यो के अंत मेंथा, थी, थे, या ता था, ती थी , ते थे , या , यी , ये , आ , ई , ऐ , सका , सकी सके आदि होते है.
Affirmative Sentence

Examples :- 1. तुमने हमें इंग्लिश पढाई 2. मैं कल स्कूल जा सका 3. वह स्कूल गया था

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Simple Sentences of Daily use part1

Every day we interact with many people, and sometime it feel so bad when person in front of you start speaking in English and you Just can’t speak a word. And in such situation we don’t have any other option except just moving our head in yes or no..:)

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English Translation Chap. 4- Present perfect Continuous tense in Hindi

Here in this chapter we will learn about Present Perfect Continuous Tense in Hindi, This tense shows that something was started in the past and has ;continued up until present (Now) For example “For 10 minutes, For 5 hours, for 3 weeks and when we talk about accurately known time like since Monday, since 2nd June 2013 etc. Such sentences showing work is being under process until now with the help of some time can be used as present perfect continuous. In this chapter we will learn about translating Hindi sentences into English, understand how you can translate them correctly, How you can identify that a sentence is of Present perfect Continuous or not etc. and yes we will also show you what are signs of this tense. so you can easily understand which Hindi sentence belongs to this.

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English Translation Chap. 3- Present perfect tense in Hindi

Here in this Chapter we are going to learn Present prefect Tense in Hindi as well as in English. This is a combination of present tense with perfect, You can express a past event that has consequences in present. In present perfect we use “Has” and Have as helping verbs describing an event that happened earlier but their consequences can be seen in present also. few examples of present perfect tense are I have finished my work, he has returned me my book. In this particular chapter we will learn identifying, rules, and translating Hindi sentences into English in present prefect tense. So let’s start with introductions and how you can identify if a Hindi sentence is of which tense and how you can translate it.

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